Anderson Powerpole Connectors

Here is a type of connector I like that is not widely in use in the RC world.

In the electric RC world there are many types of connectors used between the battery and speed control. They work great in most cases, but sometimes you want to connect multiple batteries in series to increase voltage and power. Since the Anderson connectors can easily separate the positive and negative sides, a series connection is easy. They are universal (androgynous), neither male nor female.

Another reason I like Powerpole connectors is that they do not require soldering. The available crimp tool is quick and easy to use.

The red and black housings can use one of three size contacts. The 45 Amp contact is good with 10 to 12 AWG wire. The 30 Amp contact is for 12 to 14 AWG wire, and the 15 Amp contact is good with 16 to 20 AWG wire.

The 45A contact with 10 AWG wire is actually rated to 55 amps. And, since these connectors are popular in the amateur radio world, the rating is for continuous, all-day, current. They also make 75 amp and larger connectors.

Find them at

Here is a great video on “Why Are Anderson Powerpoles So Good,” and how to use them:


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