Parallel-Parallel XT60 Connector

Fly an Electric Twin?
Then you need this!

Parallel-Parallel Connector

Electric twins today may have separate batteries for each motor. This is fine, as long as both batteries are strong. One flyer at my club had a new OV-10 Bronco that went out of control and crashed because one of the batteries died, and so did its motor.

This connector will connect one battery, or two batteries in parallel, to one or two motors. (Be sure to use batteries with equal cell count.) In the event one battery is weaker than the other one, a parallel connection will keep the voltage going to the two motors equal.

This is also useful for connecting two batteries to one motor. (Again, be sure to use batteries with equal cell count.)

It uses genuine Amass XT60H (high temperature) connectors.

The two sides are connected solidly with 13 awg stranded wire, tinned and soldered in place. The space between positive and negative is filled with hot glue for strength and insulation.