Building my drone.

Hello! Welcome to my basement workshop.

I studied engineering in college, but recently retired after a career as a professional pilot. After building and flying model rockets as a kid, I picked up building and flying RC airplane kits. I still enjoy building, but they don’t sell kits any more, so I have modified many of my old glow kits as electric powered. I also enjoy scratch-building using foamboard and balsa. I scratch built a quad-rotor drone at the beginning of the pandemic lockdown. I also own and fly a Cirrus SR20, for visiting family out of state.

Clockwise from top left: Me in 1969; my DIY drone on its maiden flight (It flies!); and, two planes made from foamboard covered with packing tape, and salvage parts. (Can you tell I am cheap?) The latter two were built using plans and instructions from Experimental Airlines.

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